Geric Tipsword for Judge 280th District Court Harris County
Geric Tipswordfor Judge280th District CourtHarris County


Here's what people are saying about Geric Tipsword.

"I respectfully offer my unflinching support for Geric Tipsword in his candidacy for judge of the 280th District court.  I've worked as a lawyer for the last 11 years and known Geric for a little longer than that.  During this time I've gotten to know Geric well as a person and as a legal practitioner.  I've presented before hundreds of judges and maintain no shortage of colleagues who practice family law well.  That said, when I personally faced a family law case that necessitated the hiring of a family lawyer, Geric was an easy choice.  Geric maintains the highest degree of professionalism, has a reputation that is above reproach, and is extremely knowledgeable about the law.  These characteristics, coupled with his humility, compassion, and vast experience in the legal field have primed him perfectly to represent the 280th District court.  I cannot think of a better person to take the helm as judge."
Don-Michael Barbour

Assistant District Attorney

Dallas County


"I've worked both alongside and against Geric, and have consistently found him to be professional, hardworking, and incredibly dedicated to his clients.  He is an effective and truly genuine advocate."

Emily Ross


Harris County


"Now more than ever, it's important to have leaders who can lead by example.  Leaders that lead with compassion and conviction and also have a true understanding of the law; with a desire to truly make a needed difference.  Think about it; how many leaders in politics, in the judicial system, in ANY system, understand what it means to respect and have excellent knowledge of the law and who are trained to lead?  Geric Tipsword is one of the qualified few.

I have met hundreds of amazing people during my career that has taken me around the world more times than I even care to remember and Geric happens to be one of my favorite people.  I know, with every fiber of my being, that he is PERFECT for this position.  Mark my words, when elected, Geric Tipsword will be one that will work hard to create positive change in Houston where it is needed the most.  Geric, you have my vote and I truly stand behind you every amazing step of your journey."

Robert Landau

International Motivational Speaker and Published Author


I've known Geric Tipsword for over ten years and I know he is the right man for the job. Honest, fair, inquisitive, conservative and not your typical politician. Check out his FB page and reach out to him with your questions. One conversation with him regarding his values and approach to improving the 280th district court and you he is the right man for the job!

Natalie Espinoza

Harris County Resident




Other Endorsements:


Shannon Boudreaux, Attorney-Harris County

Brandon del Castillo, Attorney-Harris County

Rae Lynn Cuddihy

Michael Hayes

Laura Hayes

Renee Hinojosa-Valadez

John Valadez

Ben Green

Echo Green

Meahgan Dickerson-Barrett, Attorney-Harris County

Robert Givens, Attorney-Harris County

Grace Givens

Kristy Blurton, Attorney-Harris County

Kyle Damron

Brianna Shipp

Maury Rubin

David Coe

Jessica Coe

Martha Bonney

Roger Bonney, Retired Attorney

Patrick Kelly

Steve Kobrin

Michelle Kobrin

Shane Pellerin, Attorney-Harris County

Penny Campbell Vasek

Christine Peters

Johnny Peters, Houston Firefighter

Brice Espinoza

Natalie Espinoza

Dr. Marion Russell-Dickson

Christopher Dickson

Derrick McKinney, CEO and Founder-L.O.U.D. Muzik

Sandy Yianitsas

Harry Yianitsas

Sarah Watkins

Bronwyn Fogarty

Matt Coley

Janis Leacock

Rhonda Howell

Shondra Marie

Todd Boring

Matt Hutcheson

Monica Hutcheson

Sandra Cunningham

Stuart Cunningham

Kimberly Newton, former CPS Case Worker

Nathan Hand

Rob Flebbe

Ginny Looney

Matt Looney

Kimm Levy Costanzo

Guy Fuller

Kelly Hogan

Carl Hogan

Rachael Coley




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