Geric Tipsword for Judge 280th District Court Harris County
Geric Tipswordfor Judge280th District CourtHarris County

Geric Tipsword - The choice for the 280th District Court


What is the purpose of the 280th District Court?  The 280th District Court is the court of original jurisdiction for protective orders.  It serves ALL of Harris County.

The words "District Court" can be misleading. The name District Court is provided by the Texas State Constitution. A District Court can serve a single county or multiple counties.  In Harris County, District Courts serve the entire county and ANY citizen of Harris County will be able to vote for the 280th District Court.

The 280th was created in 2009 as the only court in Texas to be dedicated to domestic violence cases.  I am running for the 280th because I want to be the person who leads this court into the future.  I do not believe that this court's primary mission should be changed.  I do believe that this court has the capability to take on a greater workload.  While I want to work in conjunction with other family court judges to see what can be done to help spread the work load, I believe that the citizens of Harris County MUST have immediate access to a court to protect them during their most desperate times.



Quick Facts

United States Army

  Combat Veteran-

  Desert Storm

  Transportation and Logistics


City College of Chicago-Europe

Associate of Arts:  

   Transportation Management


Ottawa University

Bachelor of Arts:

   Business Administration

  Teacher Certification

 Master of Education:

  Education Intervention


Texas Southern University

Thurgood Marshall School of Law:

  Juris Doctorate


Admitted to the State Bar of Texas

Credentialed Mediator



State Bar College of Texas

Houston Bar Association:

       Alternative Dispute Resolution            Section

Houston Bar Association:

       Family Law Section

Houston Bar Association:

        Oil & Gas Section

Mexican American Bar Association

Texas Council on Family Violence

Texas Association of Mediators 

Texas Mediator Credentialing Assn


Board Member:  

 Association for Conflict Resolution of Houston


"I am proud to announce that the Association of Women Attorneys-Houston has endorsed me as their candidate of choice for the Republican Primary for Judge of the 280th District Court.  I am honored by this endorsement!"


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